Saturday, March 7, 2015

Check It Out!

For Women in Recovery Whose Highest Power Is Christ:

I have just created a page on Facebook called Recovery in the Bible (RIB for Women). You can join it if you want -- and you can invite others freely. I hope it will be a safe place for asking questions about Scripture and helping one another to apply God's will in real life. 

This Facebook group is defined as PRIVATE or CLOSED, which was supposed to mean that only members of the group can see the posts. This, however, appears not to be the case, so please use the private message option if/when the subject you are posting requires confidentiality.

Feedback welcome -- never required. But it would be appreciated, because I am 67 years old and not very techno-savvy...  

And very grateful!

The above picture is from Willow Tree and is entitled True. For me, it is a perfect depiction of my daily Step Eleven... BTW, I am the dog!

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