Thursday, December 4, 2014

Love Notes

Based on 1 John 2:1-29, Daniel 11:1-12:13, Psalm 138:1-3, Proverb 29:16.

How good and pleasant it is to know, to see, to embrace the truth that has been revealed by Your mercy and grace O GOD, who is GOD  above all other gods, all lesser gods, all powers, all principalities in the unseen realms... to see what cannot be seen by natural eyes or heard with natural ears or understood by a carnal mind. It is SUPERnatural, beyond the natural, and we only see it because You came to us and imparted spiritual senses. It was You opened the eyes of our hearts, and we thank You. 

I thank You, Father,  for revealing Your Word in the person of Christ Jesus and for revealing Your will through Your Word Writ. By this You feed us daily and grow us and strengthen us and equip us to walk with You in this broken world. I thank You for the leading and counsel of Your Holy Spirit and brining me into Your perfect care. You have made us righteous and strong to stand as the wicked are multiplied and transgression increases. We trust in Your promises that we, whom You have made righteous by the shed blood of Christ, will see their fall.

As in the days of Daniel, we hear there shall be a time of trouble such as never was, and that,during this time, Your people shall be delivered:  everyone who is found written in Your book and many who sleep in the dust of the earth. We thank You, GOD, because our sins are forgiven, because we know what we know by Your mercy and grace. By You, we have  been adopted as Your little children, rebirthed by the wondrous gift of Your Son.

Therefore the Word abides in us and we in Him, and we do not love the world or the lusts of life or the pride of life. By Your gracious mercy, we have seen that the world is passing away and the lusts of it also are passing away, but not we who belong to You. We daily pray for knowledge of Your will and Your Power to carry it out. , and therefore we are granted an anointing to You and the things of GOD. We welcome You to abide in us, whom we have received in our hearts, and we abide in Christ as He abides in us. I seem to pray that over and over again, LORD, like a broken record! It seems as if I "need to knead it" into this little tend. It is too marvelous for me: Your forgiveness and Your victory over eternal loss.

It is a new commandment which thing is true, both in You and in us, because the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shining. In You, we love those who walk in darkness, not knowing where they are going because darkness has blinded their eyes. We cry for mercy! For a rebirth of wonder! Open the eyes of their hearts, granting spiritual sight to the blind! May the beloveds we know see that Jesus is the Christ and be freed to actually receive second birth into their hearts.  Only You can do this, GOD, only You can make them wise and able to understand! We cry out for Your wisdom to be imparted, Hear us as we cry, "O Spirit of GOD, arise!"

In the meantime, I rest assured that our prayers are not only heard but also granted, for in the past days when I cried out, You answered me. And by this great array of evidence, I know that You, O GOD, are able -- even EAGER -- to retrieve Your lost lambs, to adopt them as Your children as You adopted us. Thank You that we are made righteous by Your Lamb, O GOD, our Passover. How amazing is Your grace!

This photograph is by Eric Jonas Swensson of Sound Shore Media.

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