Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love Notes

Based on Amos 4:1-5:27, Psalm 141:5-10, Proverbs 29:26, Revelation 4:1-11.

We pray to You, the HIGHEST Power:  GOD of hosts, LORD of lords, KING of kings,very GOD of gods; GOD over all lesser principalities and powers in realms unseen. By our prayers in You and to You, the very powers of darkness are paralyzed. Thus our eyes are on You, O GOD the LORD! In You we take refuge! In Your rainbow, we worship You who lives forever, who alone is worthy to receive glory and honor, who created all things and by whom all things exist that  were created.

It is too much for us to comprehend, but this we know: Your voice has called us up to see the things which must take place in the throne room of heaven. And we see You! And we see one throne! And we see a rainbow around Your throne that is like an emerald, and we see again that is all around Your throne. Might this be the radiance that is emanating from all of us, angelic and otherwise, Your living stones -- everyone worshipping You fully and forever, saying,"You are worthy, O LORD, to receive glory and honor forever!"

The rainbow might be spelled reignbow, GOD, for we are Your living stones, Your living creatures! This amazing radiance may show us praising You  for all eternity, casting down our crowns gold before Your throne and gratefully glorifying Christ forever and ever. For He indeed obtained victory over sin and death; He has indeed reversed the curse; He shall indeed reign over all He has made, shedding Love and Light to everything everywhere. His reignbow; forever and ever. Amen!

This photograph is by Charlie Burnell.

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