Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Plight of the Prophet

Clearly this is one of my favorite photographs: it must be, because I turn to it so often. I love DOGs, and it softens my heart toward this one, named Oscar, who clearly cannot see. It’s not his fault. Somebody has pulled the wool over his eyes.

Ever since I was in second grade, I have felt like the little kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes, seeing things that a whole bunch of others simply do not see. I am not saying this makes me better than anyone else -- only that it has often frustrated, exacerbated, and even angered me when others do not see something I am seeing. This photograph helps me appreciate that an invisible cap has been pulled over their eyes; it’s not their fault they cannot see.

If this were a DOG, I would not be frustrated in the least. I would remember that, in former days, the wool had also been pulled over my eyes, too. It was only when Kindness came and gently lifted the brim that I could finally see. Layers of illusions, delusions, and clever wiles -- gone. The wool that had been pulled over my eyes was disappeared, and there He was, clear and bright. I am counting on Kindness to come again to do the same as was done for me.

Open the eyes of our hearts, LORD, open the eyes of our hearts.
Lift the veils from our eyes that we many may see
and know that You are GOD: DOG spelled backwards.

This photograph is by Rachel Hale.

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