Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grim Fairy Tales

Three Stories With Which I Identify
(Or How I See Things Others Do Not)

·      Emperor’s New Clothes -- When I heard this story in second grade, I practically vibrated like a tuning fork. Apparently I identified with the little kid in that story, and I have felt like that little kid most of my life. I tend to see things that others do not see. This does make me better than anyone else, but it does mean that I am different -- way different -- from many. It is only recently that I realized people simply cannot see what they cannot see, and that whether or not they see the thing is not up to me. It’s God’s job. Appreciating that has replaced anger and frustration with the mercy, for I was unable to see these things once, and I can only see then now because of God’s to me.

·      Little Red Riding Hood -- I also identified with this story where the wolf has dressed up to look like Granny, and Little Red Riding Hood simply falls for the counterfeit. I remember feeling utterly helpless, a mere observer, unable to prevent what inevitably unfolds.
·      Don Quixote -- Perseverance is good, but I need to understand that “seasons” and “reasons” generally come to an end. It is as important for me to “move on” as it is for me to follow Him into a new season under His leading. I am to be flexible and fluid, seeking Him, finding Him, following Him, no matter the cost. He will bring me before "windmills" but He will also free me from "tilting" at them in utter futility. He is teaching me that "cutting away" is necessary. He does not want me entangled by the affairs of men, nor ensnared by manmade traditions.

Today I said to HIm, "Not my wits or my will or my wisdom," and I believe I heard Him say, "Align with Mine." Confirmation  like this make me laugh  out loud.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Life With God In  It.

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