Monday, March 31, 2014

Grim Fairy Tales

A Diatribe Against Political Correctness

When “Political Correctness” first appeared, it seemed innocuous enough. It was about RESPECT for difference, which sounded moral and good and right. Since then, however, its meaning has morphed. No longer does it mean RESPECT for a differing opinion. Now it seems to mean "DO NOT OFFEND -- ANYONE -- EVER" with the result of intolerance for an opinion that might offend anyone. I posit that Political Correctness is, itself, intolerance for Political InCorrectness -- intolerance calling itself tolerance. And we’re okay with that?!?

·      Consider current events: terrorism -- no uniformed or identifiable enemy this time, no “swastikas” that are invisible. Yet they are sprinkled over all the planet like malignant cancer cells, with most of us reticent to say so -- some because they believe in diplomacy, others because they bow to Political Correctness.

·      Consider the viewpoint discrimination that is alleged against the IRS. If this were a Republican in office right now, everyone would be screaming… the press would be screaming.

·      Consider the irony of someone voting for a candidate on the basis of skin color. Actor Kevin Sorbo says, “In the last two elections, if you didn’t vote for Obama, you were considered racist. I heard liberals saying they voted for Obama because he was black, but if I had said I was voting for someone because he or she was white, I would have been called racist.” 

And they would have been right. We Americans are so highly educated, yet here we are, drowning in denial. Terrorism unfolds into a massacre at Fort Hood, and it is called “workplace violence.” It is as though we are swimming in a sea of knowledge that contains not a drop of wisdom. I say that, if we’re not careful, we will drown in the arms of Stupidity calling itself Compassion.

Margaret Atwood says, “There is just one race -- the human race, and we’re all members of it. But if you differ with what is currently considered PC, you are clobbered for being “intolerant” ‘or “ignorant” or “judgmental.” Beautiful intelligence -- being so open-minded that our brains are falling out. We are hoodwinked, blinded from seeing Political Correctness for what it actually is: Bullying by grown-ups.

Elie Wiesel wrote of an apparent defect, seemingly built into humans, our inability to comprehend unthinkable horror, even when it’s right in front of us. He told of the Jews in a little town called Sighe, who were brought news of unimaginable massacres by a witness who had himself escaped. Wiesel writes that, “Incredulous, the villagers dismissed the man’s report, mocking his pleas and warnings, agreeing that he was, in all probability, a madman. Thus they became blind in the face of a destiny they could have escaped; thus they submitted with inconceivable passivity as they gave themselves up to it.”

Because of  our proclivity toward Denial, having tea with Hitler didn’t work. "He just kept killing, until the English were eating swastika for breakfast” (thank you, The Essays of E.B. White). I grew up when using good judgment was encouraged as a valuable asset. Not anymore –- it seems it’s now politically incorrect to use judgment of any kind. We cower to any distinctions between “right” and “wrong” because to do so would be considered “judgmental” -- and God forbid we should judge! The term “good judgment” is practically synonymous with cussing.

So… go ahead and have tea with the enemy if you would like -- it’s still a free country when last I looked. And go ahead: embrace Political Correctness if you want. But please be tolerant and tolerate me, who won’t and will not.

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