Monday, December 30, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Thus the LORD my God will come, and all the saints with You...
Zechariah 14:5B

Oh LORD, only You know when the lights will diminish and the Day of the LORD shall come to pass. Thank You for revealing that there will be no light; that the lights will diminish on one day that is known to You; and that, on that day, living  waters shall flow from Jerusalem...

LORD, the times are in Your hands; conversions to second birth are as well. Ours is to intercede for others and to come alongside any who are willing and teachable, Ours is to make disciples! Thank You for freeing me from false responsibility. You are the only One who can hear someone truly calling on Your Name, and only You can answer. And You DO answer! And then will You say, This is My people, and each one will say, 'The LORD is my God.'" LORD, I once thought it was my fault if someone's heart was hard and self-reliant, that my presence was somehow in the way of someone else's second birth. But it is not for me to know the reason why it is difficult. Your Spirit, O God, is the slayer of self-reliance and the only One who can bring us into complete weakness and utter surrender to Your Power. Manifest Your Power, I pray, to anyone who now sees their need for You and You Alone. Run to those who mourn and despair in Your 
Gift Of Desperation  GOD!

This drawing is by Veronica Benning, a dear friend of mine, who unexpectedly died a few days ago on Christmas Eve 2013. This illustration is one of several she entitled Angelic Host. It is brining me great comfort at this time of such sudden loss and sorrow. Veronica, you knew! Thanks be to God that we know you knew, and now, fully!

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