Sunday, December 15, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Have we not taken for ourselves by our own strength...
Amos 6:13

I am so grateful, LORD, for the forbearance of others toward me as I struggle to share from my heart things that I see but others do not. I hope this is not a tragic flaw in me -- not just something trying to fill as emotional need in me, not check an ascending motivation. I pray this now, LORD, with gratitude for Your encouragement to share wisely and to weep openly. It is one of the wonders of the world that I even woke up this morning. Thank You for this vessel! I empty it of self as best I can before Your Throne, oh Father, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit. I offer You my love and an attitude of active, ever-increasing trust. Lead on!

Yesterday You have me a quote from rumi that said, "Respond to every call that excites your spirit." And the, this morning, You put a book into my hands from a dear sister who sent it to me as a gift for Christmas. It is written by Your man, T. Austin-Sparks, now long departed from this earth but still helping Your people, such as me. Thank You for encouraging me so wonderfully through the worlds of this man. You are really helping me through some present circumstances.

It is not easy to decline several kind invitations from people who are after me to join their happy throngs. But I cannot because I am accountable to You for my obedience to the Light You You have revealed. I know to trust You and obey You, though it is costly. Thank You for telling me through this Brother that, while I am to be tolerant of what  others are doing, I am to refuse drifting from the path You have revealed. I do not have to change anyone else or try to dismantle their machinery. I am only to trust You and follow wherever You lead. And so, I do.

LORD, I love that I am not responsible for outcomes beyond myself. You are! It is such good news for me today! And I thank You for exciting my spirit to respond to what I am reading. Thank You for the myriad ways You are able to lead and encourage and guide and affirm and confirm Your Will for us who are seeking You in life. Thank You for the courage that is ours when it is You we follow, the Light of men, the Sonlight
who grows us into Fullness of Life in Christ by the leading of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You, Holy Triune God, for Your Amazing Grace this day and always. Amen and amen.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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