Friday, November 8, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


In my distress, I cried unto the LORD, and He heard me.
Psalm 120:1

LORD, not only do You hear, but You also come to the rescue and to save us. I can only declare this because because You made it true for me and have shown me Your eagerness to help. Thank You for Your Gracious Gentleness and Mercy! Thank You for persevering and not giving up on me, though You had to stand at the door of my heart for a very long time, waiting, listening for the utterance of absolute surrender. Unrelenting, You were there to enter in when my plight unlocked the tight, hot cell of my heart and in You came.

Today, my prayer is to stand on that remembrance. You are Faithful and Devoted to all whom You have made. Thank You for placing in my life beloveds and brethren and a strong encouragement to cry out for themto receive Your succor. Their supplications are both known and unknown to me, so I offer them as my supplications, LORD... their cries are mine. I implore You to penetrate any and all darkness, looking for the Day when You will come, LORD, praying You will come soon...

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