Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Open his eyes that he may see the chariots of fire all around...
2 Kings 6:17

Safely home after a beautiful trip to see our beautiful boy, our son, Your son, LORD, whom You gave us to bring us into Your point and purpose. LORD, I pray You will continue to keep him safe as he rides and walks in such mean estate. Help him resolve the three incompletions that remain: bike helmet, energy, and pilot light. Thank You, LORD, that I can rely on Your guidance and help completely, for I do not feed on ashes. Instead, I am revived and refreshed in the womb of the morning -- feeding on every Word that is from Your heart to mine, O Triune God, so graciously pouring Your Mercy onto such as me, who adores You for Who You Are and brings my burdens to Your Feet. I do trust You, God,  with each and every care and concern. I lay them down, wrapped in colorful blankets, like babes wrapped in swaddling clothes -- fabrics of silk and cashmere and satin threads, royal purple, striped with green and orange and gold. Thank You for the exquisite and absolutely  top-quality time we spent together as a tripod, a holy trinity, an echo of God in Three Persons, so grateful to be together under Your Headship and loving kindess. Thank You so much for all You have done for us and our son, Your son, the son You gave us. EMM... Emmanuel... God, You are with us! We bow in grateful adoration!

This photograph is from our recent trip to see our son.

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