Friday, August 23, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


My son, give Me your heart.
Proverbs 23:26

Holy Triune God, You have brought me out of Babylon and Babel into this quiet place where You come first and foremost in my little life, where I get to walk and talk with You in the "garden" all day long. Before, my life was spent on a treadmill, frantically racing, going nowhere, really, just doing, doing, and more doing. It was a treadmill of busy-ness (spelled business) most of the time, and I confess that, because I was too bust to notice, I was unaware that I had put You in a box. Thanks to Your Mercy and Grace, Your revealed the box into which I had set You, and the fact that it was a coffin.

You walked in, and You sat right down. And You opened the lid! THank You, Most Merciful Father, for sending Jesus, the Christ, right into my living room so many years ago to sit with me and sing me into hearing with spiritual ears and seeing with spiritual eyes to know things that are incomprehensible by humans words and wisdom. The treasury of snow! The treasury of hail! The way the dwelling  of light! Only You, O God, could reveal Yourself so sweetly to such a hardhearted intellectual as me. To reveal and remove all my erroneous opinions; to replace them with awe for You, who numbers the clouds and pours out the bottles of Heaven. Only You can command the morning and cause the dawn to know its place. You have fixed the limits of the sea and said, "This far you may come but no farther, and here your proud waves must stop!"

O God, I make a joyful shout as I come before Your presence with singing this morning. I praise You that I know what I know: it is You Who has made us and not we ourselves! Your Truth endures to all generations! Thank You for moving this knowledge from my head into my heart! Thank You for sitting with me and singing to me as I turned the pages and looked up to see that You were right there, with me, atlong last.

God, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit, I plead the Blood of Christ over all the clumsy contraptions we have made for ourselves, thinking they are pleasing to You. I speak Life by Your crucifixion and resurrection in our behalf. Divisions of of men, be revealed! Traditions of men, be revealed! Captive Christians, be set free! May the Lord reveal and remove all that comes between us and intimate, personal relationship with Him who opens the gate and beckons us to enter.

You, O LORD, shall come to judge the earth and the peoples with Your truth. May we be ready! May relationship replace religiosity. May we move from the trappings of religion into Your Body, entrusting ourselves into Your Care and Keeping! O God, may we answer Your supplication and say, "I surrender to You, Who is right here and in person, my life and all that is it. O God, I give You my heart!"

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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