Sunday, August 18, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


What is hidden, God brings forth to light.
Job 28:11

God on high, You are teaching me that we are not on a picnic: we are in warfare, and prayer is the battle. Therefore I pray with wholehearted and utter dependence on You, LORD God, for those who have been lulled into false security, stopping short of the Son. Break forth, O God on high; rise up, O Spirit of God within! Break open a shaft of light in the darkness!

LORD, like me, some beloveds are so afraid of being "hoodwinked" that they ARE being hoodwinked. You know this, God, and You have revealed it to me for prayer. Praying is what You ask me to do, and I pray... for wisdom to come forth despite the lies, the deceptions, and the liars. The heavens declare Your righteousness, O God, so man is without excuse. All peoples see Your glory!

Therefore  pray for spiritual eyes to open and see and receive Your revelations as Godly wisdom that is more precious than rubies and gold. Wisdom is fear of You, LORD: awe! Bring to remembrance, I pray, a perspective of the earth as hung from nothing, yet orbiting before the sun. Thank You for the seed of knowledge that we are mortal and that there is not cure for death. I pray You will water tis seed until it breaks through the dirt of the world to see Your Sonshine on the subject. The question is urgent, but You are the only one who can convert a divided heart. And so I pray: LORD, have mercy as You poured out for me, over me, and into me. Retrieve these fearful hearts! Reveal the lies and all liars! You want us to be wise in what is good and simple about evil. I know that You, O God of peace, will crushSatan underfoot shortly. And so, to You Who is able to establish Your gospel of Life in Christ, I pray -- in hope that is confident and in faith that believes You. Amen!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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