Monday, July 22, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


... let us not fight against God."
Acts 23:9B

Dear LORD and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways! The hymn goes on to plead, "Reclothe us in our rightful minds; in purer lives Thy service find; in deeper reverence, praise."

I pray this as the world around us devolves into the filth that inevitably results from following the dictates of our own hearts. LORD, we have unwisely followed deceived human beings and their erroneous ideas that history has shown as sure to fail. We have unwittingly spit in Your face, embracing ideas and ideals without so much as tilting our heads toward You to seek Your wisdom. The outcome is nations, including ours, that have spent their resources and changed their values into ways and words that justify following their own paths instead of Yours. Insanity! But we who know You see that You already told us, ages ago, such days would come. Lawessness. Violence. Pestilence. Natural disasters. You are a jealous God, eager for Your people to know their need for Your Salvation and Your Lordship. Therefore, You will bring down the towers of Babel -- You will and You are! Who are we to pray against the labor pains You foretold that will rebirth Eden and return wellness to the earth? I will not pray against Your Will being done. But LORD, is is hard to see many as were in the days before The Flood and before the destruction of Sodom, like Nero fiddling as the fire burned. My prayer is that many will turn to You and run to You and climb into the safety and Your Eternal Purpose and be saved -- safe, joyous and free, starting even now, and then beyond this natural world -- forever.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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