Saturday, March 30, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Let God arise; let His enemies be scattered; let those who hate Him flee before Him... as smoke is driven away...
Psalm 68:1-2

May Your Spirit, oh GOD, arise! May Lazarus come forth! May Your descent into depths of the sea be remembered and realized as the final accomplishment and conquering of Death. May Your resurrection into Life after Death be made manifest so that many will see and say that You are LORD indeed --  LORD of all, including death, "It is finished!" is the proclamation of Your accomplished work. 

Therefore we say to Death, "Be not proud, for you are 'a goner' from lives that belong to the Lamb Who Was Slain." May You hear our songs of glorious praise; may they reach the heavenlies, LORD, where You reside, carried there by the Cords of Love that amplify our hearts and minds. Your Holy Spirit is alive in us, LORD, and we thank You for giving us this permanent connection to You. All glory, laud, and honor to You, Redeemer King. Hear our praises and thanksgivings, GOD, for You have made us sing!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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