Saturday, February 9, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Lord, I thank You for revealing and imparting the Life in Christ -- Your Body Life, Your Church, Your Kingdom undivided and indivisible. My eyes are fixed on obeying You -- first, in aligning with Your revelations about what You call "church" rather than with what so many of us call "church" and, second, in not settling for less. Pride comes in around the edges of that vision, moment by moment, and I am constantly in  need of renouncing that pride and focusing, instead, on being grateful for what You have given me. Safety! Freedom! And joy unspeakable! Thank You, Lord,  for the simple, sheer elegance  and intimacy of a life hid in Christ, under Your Headship and Your Leading. All glory to You, oh Savior and Lord. All glory -- not most. not some. All. Forever and ever! Amen!

I painted this in 1971, and my son now has it in his college room. The name of this painting is Sonshine and the name of the artist is my pseudonym; Jeanette Ze Artiste.

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