Thursday, January 3, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Heavenly Father, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit I stand before Your Throne even now, bringing You armloads of dismay at all the deception that seems to have overtaken this world. I remember the story of "the 100th monkey" and how You said we would come to such a time as this. Thank You for Your foretellings; thank You for Your promises that all will be well, than You that You are in charge, not us. I feel like "a nut" standing here with my dismay, but You tell me to leave it at Your feet. And so I do, Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- awesome and merciful -- and I walk away from it thanking You for shedding Your light into this great darkness. I stand awe of You, and I trust You, GOD, with my whole heart, with the gift of faith in You Alone, the gift You gave in Christ Jesus.

This painting by Claudia Wood Rahm is called Beside the Still Waters. Visit her Facebook page to see more at CWR Color Unchained.

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