Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Contemporary Psalms


God on high, I praise You at all times and in all circumstances, thanking You for assuring me that You are hovering over all that is in turmoil or twisted by the wiles of deception. Reveal, oh God, by Your Light, all that needs to be revealed that You may be discerned and followed and found! Thank You  for so lovingly encouraging us to simply lay our burdens down before You and entrust them, each and all, into Your Care. What a gift it is to know it is simply, though it is not easy.Thank You for reaching me with Your Blessed Assurance. What a relief it is to know that You've got it -- all of it! I rest in that knowledge, learning to watch and trusting You with confident hope, entirely.

This painting is by Claudia Wood Rahm, whose work can be seen on Facebook under CWR Color Unchained.

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