Sunday, December 23, 2012

Contemporary Psalms


Heavenly Father, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit I rejoice to know that You are the source of Light and Life, that You and alone know how to activate a human heart toward You. I pray for an increase of trust, oh God, as we are like frightened sheep, reluctant to drink Your water though it be fresh and sparkling and clean -- Living Water -- precisely what we need to quench our thirst.

We have utter thirst, oh God, and our need for You is dire. Strengthen us to receive You and to submit to into Your Perfect Care. Bring us under Your Shepherding, and keep us until our time on earth is done. Thank You, in advance, for trust in You is what we need most as we say yes, Lord, we will follow You, rejoicing.

Above is a painting by Veronica Benning, whose work can be seen on her Facebook page.

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