Saturday, November 3, 2012

Downloads from God

Lamentations 1:1-2:22; Psalm 119:137-144; Proverbs 28:9-10; Titus 3:1-15

Child, you are a strong saint because you have refused mutiny against Me; you have seen that “sin” is simply claiming any right to yourself and living independently of Me. Trying to live according to your own wits and by your own strength failed you so utterly that you are able to pray fervently for others suffering from that affliction. Many cover their self-sufficiency with religious pomp and ceremony, but that is not surrendering to My Power. Allowing Me to increase in you and to flow as unhindered as you are able to allow -- that is freedom from sin. You are freed from a life of mere existence and passing the time (as they say, killing time). You are a strong saint because you abide Me and I abide in you. Carry My Love and Light everywhere you go, and let Me shine forth and overflow. You are carrying My testimony to the living dead that My Blood brings Life and brings it abundantly. Pray for Me to come and save the living dead for who I died. I walk on the pathways that are paved by your fervent prayers.

Carving entitled Angelic Folk by Claudia Wood Rahm. Google her as "cwrcolor unchained" or visit her website at

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