Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Downloads from God


You shall neither hunger nor thirst, fro you come to Me for the food of faith, and it is faith that keeps you alive truly. I AM your first love and your plumbline, and that is good! It is good at all times, but it is especially good in times such as this. Fix your eyes on Me, Who stands behind it all, for My arms are wide open, and you shall find My succor and assurance when your frightened flesh forgets that you are now a spiritual house. Stand fast in faith that you are safe in Me, and with this knowledge, rebuke the deceptions of the flesh in which you are temporally bound. Be not deceived, neither be dismayed. The truth of you is that you live in Me, and I in you. That means no weapon on the earth, no distortions, no delays, no despairings can pull you underneath the boiling sea to make you drown. No, child, for I AM the air you breathe, and you have My eternal life supernaturally even now, plus forever. The natural aspect tries to keep your eyes on the visible, tangible realm, but I AM the truth, in which you live, I AM the way in which you walk; I AM the life in whom you live and are Alive even now, forever.

Painting entitled Green Cathedral by Claudia Wood Rahm of www.cwr.colorunchained.blogspot.com

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