Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Latest Book Now Live on Amazon


This is to announce that there is now a book version of the BS-Busters website that my friend, Joanne Wilder (aka Wildermom), created for me out of the generosity of her heart. Here's a picture of the front cover as it appears on Amazon, which at some point should let you "Look Inside" but for some reason it doesn't yet:

The book contains 52 of the topics that were originally tested out right here in Old Saybrook, starting way back in 2002. As some of you will remember, they are modeled after the rigorously honest approach that is encouraged in meetings of Twelve-Step Recovery. Here's the back cover description to tide you through until you are able to "Look Inside" on Amazon:

The book version of BS-Busters is now "live" on Amazon. Hopefully, some of you will read it and use the topics with small groups and post reviews and/or press the "Like" button on Amazon? But first, I figure, you gotta know it's there!

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