Saturday, September 29, 2012

Downloads from God

Isaiah 49:1-50:11; Psalm 112: 1-4; Proverbs 26:13-15; Ephesians 1:1-23

Listen, listen, and awake. I say awake! Many are the arrows that have been shot through the air, propelled by lust and legalism -- poison arrows that not only hurt people, but also kill their progress by suffocation and strangling. Such arrows ought not be set to flying, and certainly not be used as weapons of My people against one another. My children, roll  the “red carpet” for Me as you walk, which is made of love and forgiveness and compassion. Even in the midst of disagreement -- especially in the midst of disagreement. I AM able to walk on soft carpeting, the prayers of My people. I AM able to bridge the gap of even the deepest ravines, for I AM the Repairer of the Breach.  Bring these divides to Me in prayer, and collect all the arrows that have been sent from one to another. Leave everything you gather at My feet, just dump it all here, right here, right here. The weeping is good and right, for it leads to repentance and the softening of tough hides. See MY sweet Spirit arising in the midst of trouble, like the fragrance of a lily among the thorns. I will arise.

Painting entitled The Darkness Tries to Hide  by Claudia Wood Rahm of

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  1. You have a good message here. Thank you.Sometimes we forget that He wants to help us through the tough times.