Saturday, August 4, 2012

Downloads from God


Daughter, it is not nothing that you have a lot to speak. And you may speak, but only tiny waterfalls and drips-- and only when asked. You will, be asked, and when you are asked, be ready. Your mouth will pour out streams of Living Water! My quenching truth can only be received by the parched and by the desperate, thirsting souls, those who have spent too long in the dryness of drought and the seasons of death. I AM able to provide refreshing sips through you, who appreciates the danger of pouring too much onto ground that is as hardened as a thick, stale crust. Gradually soften, like ivy crawling up a brick wall, disintegrating the hard ground. The season of drought has been long, but I Am moving in power, one sip at a time.  I AM able to seep and soak and steep!

Photograph by Pat Liu (2006).

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