Sunday, August 12, 2012

Downloads from God


It is inspired, but even if it were not, still you would trust Me to help you with bringing more people with you to sing My praises, My Mercy, My Truth. Now you are being The Singer Bringer, rather than The Hymn Singer all by yourself, and that is good, My child. It is what I have long envisioned for you, and so have you, but you only “wished” for it and so it had only manifested occasionally -- in dribbles and drabs with a partner in song, and then two, then one again. Let’s go for the harmony! Let’s go for the unrehearsed, enthusiastic singalong!

At last you are acting with intentionality to include a larger cadre of people who can rotate in-and-out as they wish. Good for you, My daughter. Good for you to reach out and to aim high. Why not, dear one? It is My Joy you seek to bring, My Presence, My Blessed Assurance. If you will ask them, they will come. You only need a few each time. Some from the dozen you have already asked. There will be a good, strong team of  “Sometimes Singalong Singers.” Each time you sing, some will appear. Good for you!

Painting entitled JOY MOLECULES is by Claudia Wood Rahm, whose work can be seen at

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