Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Downloads from God


This is a day I have prepared for you, My child, a day you will enjoy, exploring new paths in My purpose. It is good you recognized the wrong road as the wrong road, which confounded you for a moment because it was a road you had traveled before. You thought it was for you because it was familiar. But it was wrong! You came so close to venturing forth down that wrong road, that I had to intervene, and in the knick of time, you discerned what you needed to discern because you had turned to Me, and you listened for My help. Finally, you saw that I was pointing to a new path, this path, a path with your name on it. And you are starting on it now, not knowing where it leads, but trusting that I do and that I understand what is best for you. This is the way, child. Walk in it!

This painting, entitled Still the Living Waters Flow, is by artist Claudia Wood Rahm. Her work can be seen on her website at

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