Sunday, June 17, 2012

Downloads from God


Child, you can see with your eyes and the eyes of your heart that multitudes are caught in the towline, getting ensnared in it, and their fate is inevitable: they will be mowed down by the oncoming barge. It is heartbreaking, but remember that, once they have escaped this mortal life, then they will see the truth. Death is not death! Many will only know this when they die in Christ and find out that they had Eternal Life the whole time. As I said to the thief, THIS DAY you will be with Me in Paradise, I have tried to assure and console them during their life on earth. But they have been fed falsehoods, which they embrace. Have mercy, child, as I poured over you when you were ensnared by the enemy's lines. Pray that I will intervene as I intervened with you. Remember the evidence of the past! Help is on the way!

This painting, entitled (Don't) Worry Bird, was done by Claudia Wood Rahm, whose work can be seen at

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