Saturday, June 16, 2012

Downloads from God


I AM has revealed these things to you in order that you might pray, not do. You know that prayer is the battle, paving the way for Me to enter into each and every consternation and correct it. I Alone know what is needed in the innermost parts. Yours is to cry out for My help where you see beloved entrapped or double-minded. You are a freedom fighter -- you are! But please remember that spiritual warfare is not waged in worldly ways, not by chariots or horses, not even by other freedom fighters that are all around. Instead, fix your eyes on Me, even the eyes of your heart. Stand in My Blood, in My authority! You will see the enemy scattering, scurrying like cockroaches running from the Light. You see only the battlefield now; just wait until you see the Victory.

Painting entitled Optimism by Claudia Wood Rahm of

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