Friday, June 8, 2012

Downloads from God


Good discernment, child. It took you awhile to recognize that the pond into which you were being beckoned was toxic. Actually, as you now know, the pond was not a pond at all -- it was a sewer. At first you didn’t realize this, so I started urging you to refuse to even get near it. But you dismissed My troublings because you were telling yourself to “Be brave!” and “Don’t be a chicken!”

It is true that you waited a little longer than I had hoped, but your voice overrode Mine. You kept trying to convince yourself that “It couldn’t be that bad.” Until you saw that it really was that bad. And you cried out to Me.

I heard you, and loved your abject and abandoned worship of wailing unto Me. I heard you, and I answered, but you did not think you were hearing back from Me. Now you know that you were. Now you remember saying, “Raw sewage, Lord? It doesn’t get worse.” And how I showed you 2 Kings 4:40 and you realized there was death in the pond. Good discernment, daughter. Let’s go sailing.

Painting by Sheila Graham-Smith of Nova Scotia.

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