Friday, March 9, 2012

New Product: Legacy Tributes

Legacy Tributes are books about inspiring people. Below is the cover of one called Latebloomers which can be perused on my LinkedIn Profile. It was originally written as an article for INK Magazine and then converted into a hard-cover book with dust jacket. The dimensions of this particular book are 11" x 8-1/2" -- just one of the available formats, shapes, and sizes:

Many people can make a simple “memory book” to honor someone special. What many cannot do is write an objective, first-rate essay that is enjoyable reading with a legacy perspective. I specialize in “people portraits” -- always have -- in fact, that has been the focus of the articles I have published over the years. Now I am helping other people create keepsakes that have the quality of a family heirloom, and I already have a few examples:

Art Exhibition Catalogue
Latebloomers  -- Claudia Wood Rahm

Graduation Gift
Matters That Mattered to Me, Your Mum

45th High School Reunion
Truly Our Friend

89th Birthday
Celebrating Gee Gee 

Formal Recognition
Joined in Protest

65th Wedding Anniversary
Coming Full Circle

Letters from Cornfield Point
Reflections of Sally Ann D'Aquila

Tugging at the Heart
There's A Kind of Salt You Can't Shake

65th Birthday Present
Sixty-Five Wonderful Years

Portfolio of Wood-Working Projects
Wooden Works by Barry Gardner Moore

If you are familiar with my writing, you already know that I have a different way of telling a story. I hardly ever tell a story chronologically, though a timeline is often included. Instead, I try to capture the essence of the person and convey the things that matter most. 

Pricing for a 20-Page Book with Dust Jacket

As a published writer, I prefer to work on an hourly basis and can generally produce a 20-page limited edition in ten hours or less. My fee gets you to the point of placing the book order, so the price estimate "costs out" as follows:

$250 at the Family Rate

1 hour
Choosing book format and obtaining materials (notes for TEXT and at least 20 candidate IMAGES).

4 hours
Writing TEXT “working draft” with photos (5-8 pages).

1 hour
Revising Working Draft to Final TEXT with photos.

3 hours
Massaging the TEXT and IMAGES into the chosen book format.

1 hour
Obtaining approval of the 20-page book; placing the order.

To inquire, please e-mail me ( or call me at 860 395-4248. 


  1. I did a memory book on Spike our family's dog right after he died 6 years ago, and it helped with my mourning. But no one else read it. I have no idea about publishing a book as you do. If you are asking if I would READ anything from how you have described it, yes. Not sure that I would pay for one. I didn't even pay to go back to Ohio for my 50th HS reunion last fall. But basically I'm down sizing, and not your typical reader. - Nancy

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I get what you are saying, but am going to e-mail you a sample PDF of the one I just did for Claudia Wood Rahm's art exhibition. This comment is my way of telling anyone who looks at this site that samples are NOT included here (yet). I am trying to figure out how to do that.

    If someone wants a sample, I have one in PDF format that I can attach to an e-mail. The others are all "slideshows" and I do not yet know if they will open on the receiving end.

    Working on it. Thanks for your feedback, NS!