Thursday, March 15, 2012

Downloads from God


Yours is to tell of My works and sing My praises. Why you love it so is because this is your purpose in My Body. Others do other things, each his own gift according to My purpose, bringing a different gift to the table, each gift enriching the banquet table. The more you operate in the purpose I have given you, the more gratified and glad you will be on earth. And then, forever and ever and ever, world without end.

Painting entitled Sing Hallelujah, Come On Get Happy by Claudia Wood Rahm. Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at


  1. There are layers under layers in the painting you posted with today's DOWNLOAD...just as there are different parts in the Body...different gifts. It takes them all to sing the perfect Halleluia. Please never stop all your ways of singing, sister!

  2. This is just exactly the way I was hoping my blog postings would spark thoughtfulness regarding God, Who is First, Last, and Always our first love. And friend, your paintings seem always to just plop right in alongside whatever I excerpt from my journals for the day. Thank you. But thank you most of all for your obedience in allowing God to speak so powerfully through your paints.