Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downloads from God


The road is long to the Land of Recovery, even longer to Recovery itself, and that road is difficult, as difficult as was the road to Damascus for Saul of Tarsis. It was along that road that I met him and spoke with him, and he heard -- but not before I got him off his high horse. It seems there’s always a high horse, child, especially with the most educated people, whose self-sufficiency makes them prideful and stubborn. But I AM able to speak, even to people like Saul, and be heard, even to transform by name. You were like Paul yourself once, lofty in your own eyes. Yet I came to you and spoke, and you got off your high horse and inquired of Me and listened. But God (!) -- it is My speciality: divine intervention. Wait and watch; watch and see; soon and very soon you will again see and know that I AM God.

Painting entitled Reconciliation by Claudia Wood Rahm.
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at

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