Sunday, December 18, 2011

Downloads from God


The Holy Ghost is seeking to awaken men out of lethargy, child. He might be covered with layers of dust, even hardened mud, but the seed My Life is powerful and empowered not just to seek but also to seek diligently. You waited patiently for Me to revive and restore your own little life; now wait as I arise and push through hard things, even hardened hearts, even fortresses as tall and as thick as Jericho. You, child, keep marching round and round in faith, believing Me and what I tell you. Remember how long I waited for you as your mind was led down strange and vain paths. Do not despair as you watch and wait in the days ahead. Let My Word be encouragement to you when delay seems long. Persevere, knowing that I never arrive too late. It is fine with Me if you call it Jericho Prayer because, in My perfect timing, the walls will crumble and come tumbling down, like dust.

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