Saturday, December 17, 2011

Downloads from God


Redemption is indeed done and complete in you and each one that has been gladly brought and bought by My Blood. You belong to Me, the Lamb who was slain. It is true, finished, perfect. The issue now is My Lordship, My Leading you safely and purposefully through this broken world. Child, be not afraid, neither be dismayed by all the shipwrecks that are strewn even inside the “safety” of the harbor. It is often only through such disasters that someone’s spiritual eyes are finally opened, the eyes of their yearning, longing heart. Until then, everything is fine, or so it appears. I say to you that it is not tragedy you are seeing before your very eyes. These are look like pictures of helplessness and impossibility, but know this: I live in ash heaps. I am in the midst of them. It is in shipwrecks that I specialize. Through them, I can arise.

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