Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hot Off The Press!
This news may be redundant, but I am so excited about the publication of Whit's End that I am telling everybody I know in every way I can. It has taken years to get this thing in shape, but at long last we have a story (a true story!) that should bring hope to anyone who loves an alcoholic. It is now available on-line via all the usual outlets, including Nook and Kindle. Its cover, a painting by artist Claudia Wood Rahm, looks like this:

It is the story of a breakdown -- and a breakthrough. I hope you will enjoy it and spread the word. To check it out, just click on the hyperlink below.


  1. Posted on my Facebook page. Can't wait to get my copy which is in the mail!!!

  2. Oh thank you, Carl! I hope the" insides" of the book live up the the outside cover art created by our friend Claudia. Her painting really raises up the tennis net pretty darned high, so to speak .... but then again, it wouldn't be tennis if we were playing without a net... I look forward to hearing what you think -- WHATEVER you think!