Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pet Theories

Roobie's Ruminations (Some) From The Month Of May

5/3/11 Roo is woofing, "Ding dong, the witch is dead!" because "Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord." Yay, God, for fulfilling Your Word!

5/4/11: Roobie ponders "political correctness," seeing many devolving to be more respectful of others' sensitivities -- and less of their own.

5/6/11: Roobie thinks that "retirement" could become anachronistic.

5/8/11: My dog knows to come when she is called -- such a basic thing!

510/11: Roobie thinks it's OK for the righteous to rejoice when we see God's vengeance. Justice is an excellent reward.

5/11/11: Roobie knows, through first-paw experience, that only Godly sorrow leads to repentance, which brings Salvation and Eternal Life.

5/17/11: Murphy was the Hostess with the Mostest yesterday, and her home was the PURRfect place to assemble under Christ's Headship!

5/18/11: This extreme weather had me and Roobie looking around for an ark -- then we realized we're already in One.

5/19/11: Roo has sniffed out yet another anachronism: KEEPING A VOW. The “vow concept” is still alive, but barely -- mostly for as long as someone feels like it.

5/20/11: Roobie just brought me something on which these words are inscribed: "The kingdoms of this world are on borrowed time."

5/21/11: She may be "just a dog," but even Roobie can tell that our POTUS is no friend of Israel, "Which stinks."

5/24/11: Roobie has a way of locating the most revolting items on the beach at low tide. To her, it's "beach sushi"-- to me, it's not.

5/25/11: Roobie sees the Men of God arising, scattering the enemy like smoke in prayers of unity declaring, "This is who we are."


  1. These all make me smile. Pithy, potent and profound.

  2. Hooray for answered prayer through your comment, Frances. I am currently preparing to post this month's Pet Theories officially, but have not done so yet and am running a little late today. My delay was due to a little check in my spirit, so decided to wait -- and poof -- a few hours later, there you were with encouragement. Maybe I was a little queazy because of how strange last week's blog was, but oh well -- at least I understood it, and so did a few others! More anon, sweet sister. You guys are awesome in your obedience to the New Covenant birthed by Christ for us. Thank You, Lord!