Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pet Theories

My dog, Roobie, has been ruminating a lot lately -- she’s even gotten me into “tweeting “about what she discusses with her dog friends, especially an adorable one named Schatzi, who is also a Vizsla, but many years younger than Roo. Because Roo is a dog, she decided to "woof” rather than “tweet” on Twitter. Some of her “woofs” got me laughing out loud -- hopefully you, too:

Roobie’s “Woofs” on Twitter

1/11/11: My dog, Roobie, does outreach. Yesterday she was talking with Schatzi about the dangers of America becoming a plutocracy.

1/11/11: Today Roobie and Schatzi agreed that it already is.

1/12/11: No Schatzi today -- no nutthing. Snow up to Roobie’s armpits, so she is choosing films from Netflix and eyeballing my Kindle.

1/13/11: Roobie is donning a bright red sweater to celebrate the elevated national conversation that was started last night.

11/14/11: So much for an elevated national conversation!

1/14/11: Roobie is eagerly awaiting the results of a controlled experiment: the budgets of Illinois versus New Jersey by FY 2012.

1/15/11: Roobie has been stuck on a leash for days and now feels that facts will never be able to get in the way of ideology.

1/16/11: At the frozen pond, Roobie said “equal rights” are not “equal outcomes” which may be why freedom is skating on such thin ice.

1/18/11: Roobie is a Hungarian diva, often singing impromptu. Today she warbled “Born Free” to the mail carrier.

1/19/11: Roobie thinks more people should listen to their pets, because pets have theories -- Pet Theories. Aha -- a posting for my blog!


  1. You and roo are quite a comedy team. funnier than george and gracie. do you remember them hahaha

  2. I can't believe you are old enough to remember George Burns and Gracie Allen! Thanks for posting a comment. Schatzi sent an e-mail suggesting that politics is a shitty business (this having argued with Roobie the other day over a heap of frozen deer poop). Tee hee...

  3. Yay for Roobie and the ever adorable Schatzi! I remember fondly, our walk in the woods with those two dogs! Great memories! Great dogs!!!! Who knew they were such great writers?!?!? :-D