Thursday, January 27, 2011

God Can!

Recently, I have been interviewing some of the real “longtimers” of the Twelve-Step programs, and have found their stories (true stories!) stranger than fiction. The one I am planning to post first belongs to 94-year-old Ruth, but it is too long to publish in a single blog. Therefore, I am proposing to serialize it in three installments and to publish them all in a row. This posting is just to prepare the way for these occasional GOD CAN! serialized columns, and to encourage using the COMMENTS feature to ignite conversations about Twelve-Step Recovery.
If you get antsy at any point and want me to e-mail you the full manuscript, please just let me know by clicking on the COMMENT feature or e-mailing me directly. I do have both Facebook and Twitter pages, so that’s another way to contact me. In the meantime, I am posting this PURPLE image in Ruth’s honor because, somewhere along the line, I was taught that purple is for very special people and that it has to be earned. Ruth’s favorite color is purple and I have a feeling that, after reading her story, you’re going to agree that she has earned the right to wear it.


  1. Sounds excellent. I look forward to reading it.

  2. Yay, someone made a comment, and of course it is you, my KTB, who always makes time and takes time from your own BUSY life to speak encouragement. Thank you! My "serialized" approach to the "Longtimer Stories" may not end up working out so well at the receiving end; therefore I encourage you back to speak whatever you think and however it feels. Thank you again -- in advance!