Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Recovery in the BIble (RIB)

I am very interested life application of the Bible to my regular, ordinary life and, in my blog, I am seeking to stimulate honest interaction (and civil discourse) even we we disagree. As born-again women of God, we need to find each other! I thank God already for the Divine Connections into which He has already led us. Hopefully this blog is a safe place for seeking God's wisdom and His power to apply it in real life (Step Eleven).
Lately, with the decisions coming out of the SCOTUS, I have felt frightened by the morphing of meanings. Suddenly many Christian truths are Politically Incorrect and on the verge of being called Hate Speech. Really? Christians know God loves every single person He ever made! Further, that in Him and by is Holy Spirit, so do we. Christ is radical LOVE and we, as His disciples, proclaim the freedom to choose -- or choose to refuse -- that LOVE.
Speaking truth in LOVE is not typically perceived as loving these days, now is it?. Orwell predicted this would happen! And so, today, I am asking this question:
Pro-choice or Pro-Life
The opposite of pro-life is pro-death, yet we use the word choice instead of murder.
Gay or Straight
The opposite of straight is crooked or twisted or bent, yet we use the word gay instead.
Left or Right
The opposite of right is either left or wrong, yet left has only one opposite (as does wrong): right.

It is 1984 in 2015. Am I alone is noticing the morphing of meanings? Am I alone in seeing Thought Police on the near horizon? I know God's got all this, that He told us there would be such as time as this, that all would be well eventually. I also know that He has led us to find each other, divinely connecting us to one another. Therefore I ask what you think about all this:
How did this happen?

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