Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


This morning in my Quiet Time, I was asking the Lord about all the lawlessness and depravity we are witnessing in our world, and I heard myself say: HOW DO I BLOOM ANYWAY? And this is what, I believe, I heard Him say:

"Child, you have heard Me say, “All will be well” in the end; you already know about My provision and protection in the desert and the wilderness and on the stormy sea. Why then do you doubt  and fear? Leave these things, especially justice, to Me -- I have got this! For your sake, please drop the rock and step out of My Way! Simply climb in here, under My wings, and wait and watch. I AM gathering My church together to separate My people from those who turn to useless things instead of to Me, the Living God Most High, who made the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all things that are in them. Remember the evidence from your past: how I led you to into safety and freedom and joy -- Fullness of Life in Christ. Now you know that Life with a capital “L” has little to do with earthly pursuits that only fill men’s mouths with gravel. Now you know that it was I who brought a vine out of Egypt and grafted you into that Vine. I AM the Vine, and you are a branch purposed to bear My fruit. Surrender to My Power and just let Me flow through you, in you, and out of you this day -- one day at a time. This is Life in the Vine, and your Father is the Keeper."

This seems to line up with Scripture as I read it, and I would be so interested to hear about  what YOU are asking -- and what our Lord is saying to YOU this day!

 This photograph is by Liz Burnell.

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