Monday, July 6, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


"Little girl-woman, I love to hear you thanking Me for the all-embracing reality of your Life in Me, your abiding in Me, the True Body, as I abide in you by My Holy Spirit. What a priceless gift of inestimable value you have been given to cherish. Your eyes are fixed on Me as I stand, with arms extended toward you, across the raging waters and the stormy seas that swirl about you in a world that is hopelessly broken. Thank you for keeping your eyes fixed on Me! This keeps you from sinking into the limitations of life with a lower case "L." With Me and by the Holy Spirit, the impossible becomes possible, and you have evidence from your past to prove it. Share your evidence whole-heartedly! It is my desire for My people to find one another, to encourage and edify one another, to testify that, in Me and by My Lavish Love and Mercy and Power, you are made able to "walk on water" until the day you come to live in Me, fully and forever."

This is what I heard in my Quiet Time with the Lord this morning. I call these "Downloads from God" and offer this one (above) as an example of a Direct Connect. I am hoping to hear back from others: What are YOU are hearing?

This painting by Jerry Allison (1992) was published as a postcard by Standard Publishing in 1995.

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