Saturday, July 4, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Twelve-Step meetings have ruined me! I am now addicted to Praise Reports coming through people sharing from their true experience: what challenges have just happened, how God guided, and what happened next. 

  • Rigorous honesty. 
  • Dirty laundry, washed and hanging out for everyone to see.  
  • Evidence that God is real and eager to help.
  • True stories of broken-ness and repair. 

My trust in God seems to increase most by hearing other people's miracles -- hot off the press -- and sharing my own. Experience, strength, and hope: I believe this is how the Church is meant to gather. So... when I enter a quiet, pre-programmed religious ceremony, I feel like, "This is backwards!" 

For me, the time for tippy-toe quiet every morning in my daily Step Eleven. The time for sharing and celebration is when we gather. Church is for testimony! Telling how is helping in our everyday, ordinary lives. To me, God intended Church to be what we find in Twelve-Step meetings: His medicine, which is trust in Him. Gently administered through His loudspeaker system: one another. 

As a woman, I am seeking other born-again Christians in recovery, Divine Connections. You?

This image was posted yesterday on Facebook, and I just grabbed it -- now I know why!

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