Thursday, July 2, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


As I prepare to transfer from my current blog to a new one on a new website that is yet to be finalized, I am envisioning the types of questions that I feel led to be posing for comment and discussion.  There seem to be three categories into which fall the kinds of questions that interest me most. These are:

  • What are DIVINE INTERVENTIONS? I am hoping to gather true stories of how God can speak through "a donkey" -- and does.
  • What is a DIRECT CONNECT? In this kind of question, I am seeking to gather examples of what we are hear (or have heard or are currently hearing)  as we discern the still, small voice of God.
  • What are DIVINE CONNECTIONS? I am very interested in applying the Word to my regular, ordinary life -- both spiritual and political -- and will be seeking to promote honest interaction (and civil discourse!) in the process.
This new blog  is still in the development process, so please, feel free let me know what you think before I finalize. Today, I am providing a brief true story of a Divine Intervention, hoping to simulate your remembrance (and sharing) of such things in YOUR past:

Lumpy Bed
One morning I was folding laundry in Ned’s room while Ned went through the gymnastics associated with obediently making his bed.  I had told him before about the times I would come into his room when he was at school – either to put laundry away or to dust or something – and find that he had made his bed (very lumpy indeed but nevertheless completely made)  as I had asked.  It was not until this particular morning, however, that I had ever actually observed him making his bed.  And when I did, it touched my heart.

Ned had all the pillows on the floor.  He was on top of his mattress, right in the exact middle, trying to flip the various layers into flatness -- smoothing them by elongating his body and moving ever closer to the outer edge until the lumps disappeared.  It struck me that he was so sweetly obeying – trying and trying – and totally without complaint.  Every day he had been struggling like this, so faithfully.  I was touched to see his efforts with my very own eyes.

Next thing you know, I was crying.  “Mommy!” Ned exclaimed.  “What’s the matter?”  To which I replied, “Nothing, Ned – it just touches my heart to see you making your bed – to see how hard you are trying, to see all the trouble you go to just to get it done.”  And then, I believe, I heard God say:

“I love the lumps.”

                              This photograph is from a Facebook page called 3dfirstaid visual architecture.

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