Monday, June 8, 2015

Recovery in the BIble (RIB)


For awhile there, things got stressful beyond belief. I had started a recovery program, having realized we had a problem with alcohol in our home, even though no one was falling down the stairs or leaving the car parked on the front lawn overnight.

It was a horrible time for me. I knew I loved my husband, but I was not willing to lie down with him on the train tracks any longer. At last I had been given the eyes to see that the light approaching us at the end of that tunnel was a train! And, when I realized it was heading straight for us, I filed my complaint. I said I love him, but I was not willing to lie down on the tracks now that I knew for sure that it was a train that barreling toward us.

That’s when I learned about David and Goliath. I had plenty of books on the subject of alcoholism -- and one specifically about alcoholism as a disease. That book, I suddenly understood, was a “stone” I could “throw” at the giant. So I offered it to my husband, knowing that whether or not it hit Goliath was up to God. Three days later, he finished the book, and saying out loud, "I have this disease." God had walked in to offer His Hand. And the giant just lay there, dead on the ground. Death had come to this enemy, this bellowing, belligerent, terrifying giant. Now all these (25 years) later, I can see that he'd been felled by a 6"x9" paperback book.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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