Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Some people who love me express their concern that Twelve-Step Recovery does not seem, to them, to be Biblical. But “Nay, nay !” I reply. For me, recovery means I knowing am powerless (Step 1) and, because God has given me so much evidence, knowing also that He is not (Step 2). That makes it a whole lot easier to Let Go and Let God (Step 3). And to sweep this ”temple” (Steps 4-10) so His Light and lead me (Step 11). All this aligns with Christ's commission to Go and make disciples (Step 12).

Step One                            John 15:5

Step Two                            Galatians 2:20

Step Three                         John 3:30

Steps Four-Ten                Matthew 12:43-45
Step Eleven                       Romans 12:1-2

Step Twelve                       Matthew 28:19

In short, my recovery seems to be about making disciples -- of Christ. What think you?

This is one of two paintings I ever did in my life, this one called Sonlight.

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