Thursday, June 18, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)

The Hound of Heaven

God is looking.  He is listening.  He waits for our whimper.  He runs immediately when we do to retrieve us from the dangerous ledge.  And He retrieves us.  And it is sweet.  And then He rests and waits for the next whimper.

Those of us He has retrieved are now Fishers of Men, listening for whimpers as we travel, looking for people who are out on the precipice just like we were once.  We go two-by-two:  me with my dog, you with yours, sometimes us together, looking for the lost, listening for the whimpers.

Some of the ones we find are simply asleep, or they truly cannot see, or they are trapped.  Others have caught the scent – just not all of it.  Others appear to be very brave, even stoic, but inside they are trembling; it’s just bravado.

Through us, God is looking. Through us, He listens, waiting for the whimpers.  Through us, He is retrieving those who are whimpering from a very present danger or a looming fear. Through us,  He offers hope and evidence that God can help -- and has and will. He is devoted to retrieving the blind and the lost whm He reveals to us. And when He does, we offer welcome and warm embrace. And it is sweet. And then we just keep on keeping on, led by Him and waiting for the next whimper. 

I don't know who took this picture, but I am grateful for how much it it helps to soften my heart.

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