Monday, June 15, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


I learned something about God from my dog (Scuttlebutt) during a vacation at my brother’s place one afternoon when we decided to go sailing. Rather than leave Scutty to roam free through my brother's house, I put him on the screened porch where he could enjoy the breeze and a nice view of the lawn. Unfortunately, all Scutty could see was us walking down the driveway toward the river. He didn’t care about the breezes or the lawn – all he cared about was that we were walking AWAY from him. And he started to howl.

This wasn’t just a little welp-like whimpering sound, either.  This dog was wailing, as though convinced we were leaving him forever.  “Poor Scutty,” was my first reaction, thinking he would calm down eventually. But he did not.  He continued to howl – louder and louder, not softer, not quieter – so loud that we could still hear him after we’d progressed a half-mile down the road. At this point, I started to feel a little, annoyed,  “Doesn’t he know we love him?  Doesn’t he know we would never leave him?”

“Or forsake him?” God said to my heart. And I realized how many times I had sounded just like Scutty was sounding right now. How many times I had wailed (howled actually) feeling frightened, forsaken, inconsolable, forlorn. I envisioned myself as a nursing child, screaming for milk when Provision had been staring me in the face.  If only I would simply turn my head  and simply latch on. I realized that God was showing me how He felt all those times when I refused HIs consolation and comfort, His constant and Blessed Assurance. I realized He had probably felt toward me a lot like I was feeling toward my Scutty now!

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