Saturday, June 13, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Scripture tells me that I’m a lily of the field and that I will live in warmth and beauty if only I will do what God asks of me. And so, every day that I can manage it, I take a walk first thing.  I start by thanking God for the covering of Jesus. I tell Him that I am putting my life in His care today, that I need to know what He wants of me today, and that I need His power to do it, whatever it may be.

I ask Him to impart the ears to hear His will for me  and to concentrate on my own journey, not that of anyone else. For example, I used to worry about our finances as a family -- our security, supposedly, as our own.  Now I see that we were not intended to consider money our riches. Now I see that God has made us truly rich: rich with love in abundance in our home (which I’m pretty sure I would not have seen if I we’d had financial abundance instead).

This is how God makes us rich! Now my primary concern is to discern God's will for me each day, and follow -- whether or not that is comfortable for me.  At first, I was just trying to reach for the hand of my Higher Power, whom I chose to call God. Now I realize that it is Jesus who is holding me in Him, and that He lives in me by His Holy Spirit. The Christ Child growing in me. All I have to do is listen for His guidance, and let Him bloom in and through me  -- just like a lily of the field.

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