Friday, June 12, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Every day, I pray to be converted from a vehicle that runs on Will Power to that far preferable fuel: His Highest Power. And what a difference that New Fuel has made!

Today I am living joyful, safe, and free -- as though I’m basking in the sunlight of Eden. It’s as Adam and Eve must have felt once -- with just one assignment: to choose God’s will over their own. But they didn’t, and in my former life, neither did I. God had given me free will, and I went barreling ahead making wrong choices for approximately forty years.

I am human. I had been given the blessing of freedom to choose, the flip side of which was a curse. Thanks to God, however, I became able to see something else in me as well. I call it the Christ Child. In my mind, it’s about the size of communion wafer -- what my friend, Nan, might describe as “little bitty.” Every time I choose my Higher Power’s will over my own, that little bit of God-ness grows. It’s as if the Christ Child is not born just on Christmas Day, not just in the manger, but born in me, one day at a time.

I suppose it’s a race of evolution. If each of my ancestors grew their Christ Child, the larger the Christ Child I inherited. My part  is simply this: to let Him grow in me and carry Him forth wherever I go. For me, this means letting God lead me, though today I finally see that it is Jesus Who is doing the leading.

The first thing He taught me was that I am an instrument of God. Then later, more precisely: that I am to let Him sing His song through me. Then just the other day, He made it more precise an image still: that I’m an alto --  the part I sing is a hidden line, a line that is buried and not especially noticed unless it is gone. But while it is there,  it enriches the overall song.

May we, each of us, be in the Song that is sung by God! 

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