Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)


Sometimes my pendulum swings too far, as it has recently in my seeking to apply Live and Let Live in my everyday life. Yesterday I saw that, although I must accept the things I cannot change and respect other people's dignity to make their own choices, I must do so with LOVE, not exasperation.

I realize today that I have been detaching, but without a drop of compassion. I have detached all right, but in a way that is cold and tinged with frustration. I have basically been walking away (as if with my hands in the air), saying "Live and Let Live!" I felt as if words of comfort would be coddling in some way -- or even enabling. Too far! Out of balance! Time to adjust my pendulum and its swing!

Today I have new-found compassion. Suddenly, I can that FEAR has been tormenting this person, and that I have been deserting this person instead of offering comfort. 
In my efforts to Live and Let Live, I have been making things worse. It is true that I cannot change another person; it is true that I need to respect other people's dignity to make their own choices. But I need to do so with LOVE, not exasperation.

Detachment with love is not easy (again). And (again) I find that Walking the Walk is easy when it's easy; it is hard when it's hard. God is assuring me that He knows it's not easy, but that it is simple. Love is the cure. His. Not mine. His love will never fail. I love that the Maker of the Universe is not mad at me. He is my helping me and will not  throw His hands in the air and walk away saying, "Live and Let Live!" And so... neither will I.

This photograph is by Rahda Steindl.

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