Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Recovery in the Bible (RIB)

LORD, I hear You saying, "What is it to you what the others are doing? You, follow Me." Thank you for reminding me that I am accountable for the Light that I choose to refuse. Thank You for the slogan "Live and Let Live" and for reminding me that "All I Can Do Is All I Can Do." Therefore, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit, I bring these myriad concerns before You, and I leave them in Your Care. I utterly release them from my clutches because I know now that the results, whatever they may be, are up to You. Thank You for teaching me to truly "Let Go and Let God" with an attitude of trust in You and You alone. Thank You for the Attitude Adjustment!
This photograph is by Eric Jonas Swensson of Sound Shore Media.

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